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    Forever Friends Dog Training & Boarding

      Your Canine Behaviour Specialists

Mary-Ann Porter

Before beginning her dog training career, Mary-Ann served almost 18 years with the CBC as a Director/Switcher. In 2009, she answered her calling and decided to make a career move. She left the CBC and started her new life with Forever Friends. Mary-Ann is no stranger to the dog world. From a very early age, she would bring lost or stray dogs and other animals home, caring for them and showing them the love that they needed and deserved. That love for animals, and dogs in particular, only grew.

As a graduate with Honours from the Forever Friends’ Elite Apprenticeship Program, Mary-Ann immersed herself in the school and quickly became a valued and indispensable member of the team. So much so, that she is now owner of Forever Friends Dog Training & Boarding.

Mary-Ann teaches a variety of classes—with an emphasis on Puppy Class. She firmly believes that early socialization is the key to the healthy emotional life of any dog. When providing personalized one-on-one training for her clients, Mary-Ann’s work ethic in socialization and “doggie-bed” side manner have made her a highly sought-after Trainer in her profession.

She was also an integral member of a revolutionary DND Pilot Project called Courageous Companions. Courageous Companions was developed to teach wounded soldiers to train rescued dogs to become active service animal teams and provide both emotional and physical support for the benefit of our returning veterans.

Mary-Ann regularly boards dogs. While some of her boarders have behaviour issues, her patient yet firm and loving approach helps them reach their full potential to live happy and long lives with their families.

She continues her education and attends regular seminars and workshops.

Mary-Ann lives in Ottawa with her husband, Lucio, and two dogs, Liam, a Golden Doodle and Pino, a special and unique Boston Terrier who arrived as a foster dog and is now fully ensconced as a permanent member of the household. His joyous smile is a daily gift to Mary-Ann and a reminder of what can be accomplished.